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Akashic Record


During an Akashic Record Reading I access your records with your permission. Together we can ask for guidance and insight into a specific issue or we can ask about general themes or for general guidance.

The Akashic Records are an energetic library. They hold every thought, experience, emotion and interaction that your soul has ever had throughout all of your lifetimes. Every person has an Akashic Record and everyone can access their records. While in your records you also receive healing energy directly from Source.


Your records are a beautiful resource to help you understand the patterns, relationships, and blocks that you may be struggling with in this lifetime. They can help you understand your gifts and how to use them. Your records can show you past lives that can help you heal wounds and/or negative patterns in this life.


The Akashic Records are simply another tool we can use to gain access to the knowledge your soul holds. All the information you receive is information you already know and have, it is simply hidden under lifetimes of conditioning and programming. Accessing your records is an empowering practice of tuning into your well of deep inner knowledge. 

Because we have been given free will as humans the records will not offer you yes or not answers. Instead they will give you advice, options, and guidance.

Some optional questions are:

What are my gifts?

What do I need to know right now?

How many lives have I lived?

What is my greatest lesson to learn in this life?

How can I be of service?

Am I carrying anything from past lives into this life that I need to be aware of?

You can also ask about an issue your are currently dealing with in relation to a relationship, your finances, your career, your health, etc..

Scroll down to see what other's have experienced in their readings.


“I wasn’t very familiar with the Akashic Records before my reading with Tacy. Not only did She explain them in a way that I could understand them, but her reading of them gave me a new perspective about the way I’m living in my current life. I seriously can’t wait for the next one! And to see her sweet face.”

Michelle Scott-Soth

I didn't know what to expect with my first Akashic Record Reading, and I was blown away. The insight Tacy gave me on my soul's journey spoke to me so strongly, and it was completely aligned with some of my innermost emotions and experiences. She helped me gain clarity around my soul's purpose in this lifetime and how I've carried things from previous lives, too. Even small details that are completely unique to me, she relayed during our reading and it left me kind of speechless! I left the reading feeling empowered and at peace. My time with her gave me so much comfort and positivity during a turbulent time, and I am so grateful for it.

Claire Davidson

“This was my first time receiving an Akashic Records reading and it was an amazing experience. The messages that came through resonated so deeply with me. It felt healing and supportive. Tacy’s presence is so warm and inviting. She has a true gift!”

Ashley Nissen

"Having my Akashic records read by Tacy was a profound experience. As someone who has often felt lost in this life, I left our session feeling more grounded and at peace with the path I am on. Our session deepened my sense of connection with myself and the spirits guiding me. Energetically, I am now able to feel the support of the universe in ways I never knew possible. Thank you, Tacy, for an incredible first experience with having my Akashic Records accessed. You are a truly gifted healer."

Sarah Weisman

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