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Cupping Therapy

Cupping comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is used to relieve stagnation of blood and Qi in the channels and to disperse stagnation in the body. In western words; the negative pressure inside the cup creates a massive flooding of blood and body-fluids which delivers nourishment, immune and inflammatory factors to create healing, removes metabolic waste and creates the renewal of tissues. You can think of it as the inverse of Deep Tissue Massage, instead of pushing down on the muscle we are lifting up on it and creating space around it.

Cupping is also an extremely beneficial energy healing technique. We can use the cups to release stagnant energy that is trapped in the physical and energetic bodies. To function at your highest energetic potential it is important to be free of stagnant, stuck and heavy energy that is bogging down your energy field. By release this energy we can release old traumas, programs and stories from your body. This creates space for you to learn who you really are without these things holding you down as well as space for new higher vibration energy to come in.

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