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Life Coaching

Empowerment Coaching for women seeking a deep connection to their Intuition and Personal Power. 

Do you feel like you're giving your power away on the daily? Are you confused and seeking clarity and connection? Do you struggle to trust in yourself and in your intuition?

I get it. For many years I felt like I was wandering around in a sea of options, messages, programs and learned patterns that I couldn't organize, understand or get any clarity on. I felt alone and confused. I was disconnected from myself, allowing others to make choices for me, giving my power away, trusting anyone else above myself. I had no idea how to look inside for answers and even if I had I would not have been able to actually trust what I found there. I didn't know or understand that the most important relationship I would every have or cultivate was with myself, with my intuition and with my soul.

I have spent the last several years learning, growing, developing my spiritual practices, and most importantly creating and honoring my powerful boundaries. This has lead me to living my most clear, powerful and vibrant life. It has brought me to the place where I can, on the daily, fully stand in my divine Personal Power!

And I want to help you do the same! I want you to feel powerful, clear,  and vibrant! I want you to trust yourself SO deeply that you never have to look outside of yourself for answers, guidance or direction ever again!

And it's so possible, and so much closer than you think! We achieve this by setting clear and powerful goals that light you up and inspire you to take immediate action! Each time we meet we will tune in, dig deep and create actions that bring you closer and closer to achieving those powerful goals and changing your life!

I want to help you create and maintain strong and healthy boundaries with yourself and those around you. I want to help you see, honor and own your personal power in everything you do. I want to help you tap into the spiritual gifts, tools and practices that support YOU best in YOUR journey. I want to help you gain clarity and understanding on your purpose and direction in this life. Most importantly, I want to help you trust yourself without question. 

I am here to challenge you, encourage you, and support you. But the work is yours. If you want to create real lasting change and connection in your life you must be ready to put in that work. This will probably be uncomfortable at times, it will challenge you and ask you to go places you have been avoiding or to see patterns and programs you have been accepting or are comfortable in. Growth and expansion always push you outside of your comfort zone and that is a beautiful and powerful thing!

You deserve to be your best self. You deserve to be deeply connected to your inner knowing, your higher self and your beautiful soul. You did not come here, into this life, to live disconnected. If you are reading this, there is a powerful part of you yearning to grow, to expand and to step fully into your power. Will you listen?


You have options!
I have created 3 powerful coaching options that you can choose from to get the results you are seeking!


3 Month Coaching Series



Six 75 minute Bi-weekly coaching sessions (Guided meditation and/or breathwork included in each session)

1 Akashic Records Reading

Celebration Gift Bag

The magic that can happen in just 3 short months blows my mind every time! I have helped my clients set powerful boundaries to shift or release draining relationships, create supportive morning routines to help them feel more vibrant and joyful in their life, trust themselves to make difficult life changing decisions and so much more! And all in only 12 weeks!

6 Month Coaching Series



Twelve 75 minute Bi-weekly coaching sessions (Guided meditation and/or breathwork included in each session)

2 Akashic Records Readings

Celebration Gift Bag


Take it from one of my beautiful clients!

"Working with Tacy has been a life changing experience that I will forever be grateful for. I began working with Tacy during a time where I was taking on some of the biggest risks of my life and was faced with a lot of unknowns.


Every session was eye opening, healing and came with the welcomed push to challenge myself in ways I knew I needed to grow. Tacy took the time to listen to me and work with me to identify goals that would ultimately help me gain self-confidence, an innerstanding (not a typo) of myself and a comfortability with setting boundaries.


People ask me all the time how I managed to keep it together during one of the most challenging times I’ve faced, and I know with certainty that it was my work with Tacy.  Not only did I push through those times, but the work we did together gave me the tools needed to continue on my path of growth. The work that I did with Tacy was truly transformative. I have grown spiritually and healed mentally from my work with her and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a life coach."

-Cherese Williams

6 months! Think of all the amazing shifts, changes, and all the growth you could expereince in 6 months. Now add the support, accountability and cheerleader-ing you will receive with me as your coach! Epic!

In the 6 month series we can dig DEEEEP and create massive change in your life! We can set heftier, more extensive goals. We can completely change the way you move through your life for the better, from powerless to super powered!

Take it from one of my beautiful clients!

"Working with Tacy was truly life-changing.  I came to Tacy longing to create more balance and ease in my life, and to cultivate a strong sense of self-belief.   I completed our series with those goals achieved, and so much more.  


I now believe in myself more than I ever have, and with a morning routine that isn't just a task to check off my to-do list, but a delicious ritual that sets me up for the entire day.  My day was no longer something I had to "get through."  I experienced it fully.  I now have the tools to pull from when life gets messy, and I've learned to trust myself.  As an added bonus, working with Tacy helped me to parent with less anxiety and need to control, which has led to a deeper and more meaningful relationship with both of my children.  That in itself is a monumental shift that I'm incredibly grateful for.  


Tacy has a beautiful and powerful way of reflecting your truth back to you, and encouraging you to push yourself beyond any limiting beliefs you might have.  If you are looking to feel truly supported, seen, and empowered by your coach, look no further.  Tacy is your person."

-Kelly Fabiano


Payment plans available for 3 and 6 month Coaching Series

Not sure if you should do 3 or ? Book a complimentary consultation!

 Before your consult, I will ask you to fill out a pre coaching questionnaire to get you thinking about what it is you are really wanting to get out of working together and to get inspired to dig into this powerful and life changing work! We will talk through your questionnaire, nail down which series would be best for you, and I can answer any questions you have about the Coaching with me!

90 Minute Power Coaching Session

Are you just feeling a bit blocked from moving forward? Is there a relationship that is challenging you that you just can't seem to shift for the better? Does it feel impossible to access your intuition? Are you feeling disconnected from yourself?

This 90 minute coaching session is for you if you are seeking more short term guidance and support. This is where we can look at goal/struggle/block that you have and identify what the main and most important aspects are. From there we can create a powerful plan for you to move forward in the best way possible.



Pre-session questionnaire

Live 90 minute session

2 weeks Email/Voxer support post session to help you stay committed to the work

Looking for more short term support?


Tacy is warm, open, and nurturing and we built an immediate, genuine rapport. I always felt really safe sharing information, challenges, and/or emotional responses with her. She took anything I put on the table and used it to help me develop really clear action steps. I’m not sure our coaching work would have been as successful - or those steps as powerful - if I didn’t trust her as much as I do.

Tacy helped me lean into my intuition and to trust myself as I made some big decisions for my family and me. By working with her, I’ve learned to quiet some of the noise that can muffle my inner voice and really let it lead me towards the things and options that make the most sense for me and my happiness, even if they don’t necessarily make sense to others.

Tacy’s wraparound offerings of Reiki and Akashic Records readings helped me to place the work I’m doing now within the larger context of my life and keep my energy flowing forward. This was a serious perk of working with such a gifted healer!

I don’t think I would have landed where I did without Tacy’s help and for that I am forever grateful. I genuinely and highly recommend working with Tacy to pursue any goal, big or small. She is truly a gift.

-Meghan Neary

I am so honored to be one of Tacy’s life coaching clients.  If you choose to work with Tacy as your life coach you will inevitably heal some part of your being.  I learned through our life coaching sessions  how to make choices with my intuitive power. She guided me to the path where I was introduced to the truest version of myself. Tacy taught me how to tune into my inner guide and creatively take action to support my healing journey.  As we all may be healing from our own traumas or challenges on some level, it takes a lot of courage to sit down with the parts of us that are struggling.


Tacy holds a warm, grounded, and powerful space for healing. She beautifully modeled compassion, love, and  self trust to surround every challenge I encountered.  After life coaching with Tacy I was left feeling a greater sense of compassion within myself than ever before.  She helped guide me to a greater channel of spirit and our journey together was truly life changing.  Tacy will help you realize that you are far more powerful than you ever knew.

-Sofia Menegay 

I met Tacy at an extremely challenging time in my life. I had initially booked a Reiki Infused massage and never considered Life Coaching before that time. Tacy's empathy, intuition and ability to hold space for my feelings is what made me consider it for myself. I’m happy to say that this was the best decision ever. 


Tacy helped me to set realistic goals and lovingly pushed me to achieve them. Tacy has given me the confidence and clarity to continue implementing these tools for the rest of my life. I deeply value the time we spent together and can’t stop recommending you to my friends and family. 


Even thought I’m done with my coaching Tacy has continued to check in and offer guidance!

-Zaeba Sait 

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