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Reiki Healing


Reiki can help you on your healing journey in many beautiful ways. It can calm anxiety, restore depleted life force energy, clear blocks in the mental or emotional bodies, connect you with source energy, and relieve tension and stress in the body and mind. Anyone can benefit from Reiki healing, you only need to be open to receive it.

During sessions I use oracle cards, crystals, essential oils, and guided imagery to enhance the healing. I call on both our spirit guides and angles to guide the session. Sometimes they offer me messages or visuals to share with you.


Using Reiki we can release and heal physical and emotional trauma. We all carry trauma within us. Often we compare our trauma to someone else's and think ours in not big enough to need healing. But any trauma no matter now "big or small" leaves a mark on your physical and energetic body. To live fully and deeply you need to release those traumas. Using a combination of Reiki healing techniques and working together we can move through them and heal them.

Reiki is also a powerful tool for inner child healing. We often hold programs, patterns and wounds from our childhood that effect how we feel and act in adulthood. Using Reiki  and guided mediation we can access that little version of you that needs healing.

Maybe you are simply looking for some clarity. It is normal to get bogged down by heavy or stagnant energy. Reiki can help you move and clear this energy.

In every Reiki session we will work closely with your Chakra system. The Chakras help me to gain information and understanding on your energy system as a whole. By directing the Reiki energy into and through each Chakra I am able to clear and activate any stagnant or closed down Chakras and soften any overactive Chakras. Healing your Chakra system can create powerful waves of healing in your mental, emotional, and physical bodies.


These sessions are powerful and deeply healing. They may create emotional or physical releases during our time together and/or for the next few days while your body and spirit process and integrate.

I offer In Person and Distance Reiki sessions.

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