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Reiki Infused Massage

Reiki Infused Massage weaves together therapeutic massage techniques with Reiki energy healing.

This will look and feel similar to a typical therapeutic massage in many ways. I will work with oil or lotion to create space in your physical body, release tension in your muscles, and soften knots. You will be able to relax while enjoying essential oils and calming music.

It will also look and feel a little different than a typical massage. I will be weaving Reiki energy healing into the session. Being a Reiki Master, Reiki energy is always flowing through me. In this massage I will intentionally direct that energy into you as needed. I may also guide you through visualizations and gentle breathing techniques, as well as incorporate essential oils, crystals  and sound healing. I may receive guidance from your spirit team to share with you as well.

If you are looking for intentional and deeply healing bodywork then this may be a great option for you! These sessions are meant to be healing on physical, mental, emotional, and energetic levels. While I want you to be relaxed and at ease during this session you should also be prepared to be present and to go deeper into your overall healing.

There is magic waiting for you here in these sessions. If you are ready to dive in book your Reiki Infused Massage now!

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